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Neighborhood Walking Audit tonight will look at how to make pedestrian crossings safer

A group called Connect Northgate is hosting a Neighborhood Walking Audit starting at 6:30 p.m. tonight (Tuesday) to look at how to increase safety for some major pedestrian areas.

A team of caring neighbors called Connect Northgate is hosting the walk and we’ve invited folks from both Licton-Haller, Greenwood-Phinney Greenways and a new coalition of neighbors for a better Aurora Ave called ALUV to join us.
We’ll be looking at getting kids safely across Aurora Ave to the new Wilson-Pacific Schools (serving 1700 children in 3 schools), the Fremont Ave N Greenway, and the Northgate Station Area where the Northgate Pedestrian Bike Bridge lands.
Would you like to come on the walk and see first-hand the issues faced by kids and other people walking and biking tin our neighborhood?
Meet at the Licton-Springs P-Patch at 6:30.

The Licton Springs P-Patch is at North 92nd Street and Meridian Avenue North.