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Celebrate International Coworking Week

Works Progress, a coworking space at 115 N 85th St, Ste. 202 (upstairs), is celebrating International Coworking Week Aug. 3-9. Stop by anytime for a tour and more information, or get a free trial day on Thursday, Aug. 6.

Coworking Week is an opportunity for everyone to learn the benefits of a shared work environment, collaboration and creating a professional community of like-minded adults. If you have been thinking about joining a local coworking or maker Space, this is an excellent time for you to give it a try for a day or two at one of the Coworking Week partners spaces.

The Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance has a list of other Coworking Week events in the area.

Phinney Sandbox, at 6701 Phinney Ave. N., is also a coworking space.