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Frock Shop on Phinney Ridge closing, Portland’s Frock Boutique moving in

Suzy Fairchild, owner of Frock Shop at 6500 Phinney Ave. N. for almost nine years, is closing down her dress store, which will be taken over by Frock Boutique of Portland, for its second location.
Fairchild has had her own clothing line for about two years, and will now concentrate all her business efforts on that. Her entire collection will continue to be available on Frock Shop’s website. And her line will continue to be sold at the new Frock Boutique, along with other brands, accessories and gifts.
Frock Shop is selling everything in the store at 50 percent off this Thursday through Saturday (in-store only, not online; hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.). The store will be closed for one week, reopening as Frock Boutique on Saturday, Aug. 1.