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UPDATE: FOUND — Ball python on the loose from Phinney Ridge

Update Wednesday 7:45 p.m.: Sharri was reunited with her ball python at the Seattle Animal Shelter.

I’m happy to tell you that, thanks to many kind people in the neighborhood, I’ve found my snake! He was indeed at the Animal Shelter. Thank you so much for your help, and please extend my deepest gratitude to the kind friends in the neighborhood and the Seattle Animal Shelter for taking good care of my boy. He’s home safe and sound!

Earlier: Sharri tells us her ball python escaped from her home at the bottom of North 59th Street in Phinney Ridge.

He’s entirely harmless…in fact he’s a curious and friendly animal. He’s known for escaping, that’s how I came to adopt him, actually. I’d just like a few more eyes around the neighborhood if they see him. My bet is that he’d head downhill if anything, and I’m at the bottom of 59th. He’s about 4.5 ft long, maybe 2-3 inches in girth. He has an eye wound on his right eye, which makes him pretty distinctive.

He’s black with brown turn-key patterns. He’s friendly, but shy, and should be fine to pick up. He’ll coil or ball up if people move very quickly toward him, and sometimes he hisses, but he’s all bark and no bite. He can go in a pillow case or carried for transport, but should be placed in a large, holed tupperware container or cardboard box lined with paper towels, somewhere quiet and probably a bit dark. Ball pythons are nocturnal, and he’s usually happy to sit in one place all day long. They like heat, but he should be fine for the time it’d take me to get to whoever finds him.

If you’ve seen it, please email her at [email protected]