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Vehicles broken into, empty Amazon Fresh bags found

Geoff says someone left three Amazon Fresh cooler bags, with their cold packs inside, in front of his house on 84th Street near Greenwood Avenue sometime Saturday morning. There were no groceries inside. He assumes someone stole them from a nearby porch.
Matthew tells us someone stole two guitars from his guests’ car, which was parked in the alley between 80th and 81st streets just west of Greenwood Avenue, early last Wednesday morning.

The car windows were smashed and the guitars stolen were a sunburst Yamaha SG2000, an electric guitar and his acoustic guitar is a Takamine EN10C, both were in guitar cases. Any help or reports of suspicious activity would be greatly appreciated.

Katy says a truck had its window broken last Wednesday near Linden Avenue and North 87th Street, the same spot where another car had been broken into in April. She also saw a car with a broken window near Dayton Avenue North and North 87th Street on May 31.