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13-year-old boy mugged by West Woodland Park Playground Tuesday night

Teo tells us his 13-year-old son was mugged by a group of young men near West Woodland Park Playground on Tuesday evening.

This happened to my son.

While walking home from his baseball playoff game just before 8:00 on Tuesday night a 13 year old was accosted by a group of 5 (or more) young men. Walking on the outskirts of the West Woodland Park Playground he was overtaken by the group and asked if he had a phone. When he said ‘no’ the men insisted on his backpack. When he said ‘no’ again they hit him and took it. They then ran to a car that was parked just east of the traffic circle at the intersection of 59th and Dayton and took off.

The incident was witnessed by two St. Johns students and was reported to the police.

Taken was a red North Face backpack containing a two-toned Rawlings Baseball glove and a blue baseball hat with a red ‘M’ insignia. If anybody finds them please make every effort to return it as the next playoff game is on Saturday and it is difficult to play without one’s mitt.

If anyone has any information about this incident or the suspects, please put a note below in Comments or email us at [email protected] and we’ll pass it along to Teo.