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Locally Leavened Breads baked in Greenwood

Greg Moring has opened a wholesale bread making business called Locally Leavened Breads out of his Greenwood home.
He built his own wood-fired brick oven in his backyard, where he can bake about 60 loaves a day. He bakes whole wheat, white and rye every week, and rotates three specialty breads: Kalamata Olive, Rosemary and Walnut Raisin.
Moring has a Washington State Department of Agriculture food processor’s license. He tells us his bread is leavened with wild yeast or a sourdough leaven, which can allow many people with gluten sensitivities to enjoy his bread.
He’ll be selling out of local farmers markets this spring, and also has a “bread share” program, where customers can purchase shares for four or eight weeks, and receive a certain number of loaves every Wednesday afternoon.