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City Council taking comments on neighborhood pedestrian designations, including Greenwood

The Seattle City Council is considering a bill that would amend land use regulations on Pedestrian designations and neighborhood commercial zoning districts, and would add Pedestrian designations in 42 neighborhoods to the Official Land Use Map.

The bill would add a Pedestrian designation to Greenwood Avenue North between North 81st and 83rd streets.

The bill also would clarify rules on the maximum width of street level office space in Pedestrian designations, and would amend the rules related to live-work units, requiring that each unit have an exterior sign, and requiring property owners to maintain a current business license.

Written comments on Council Bill 118383 should be submitted by 12 p.m. on Monday, May 11, by email to Committee Chair Mike O’Brien at [email protected].

You can find links to the full text of the bill and maps here.