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Neighborhood crime roundup

Kris tells us someone stole a UPS package from her front porch just moments after it was dropped off this morning near North 65th Street and Phinney Avenue. The box was placed under the mat inside the screen door. She suspects someone may be following the UPS truck on its rounds.

Steve says someone stole the jogging stroller right off their front porch at NW 73rd Street and 7th Avenue in the afternoon. His wife ran after them but they threw it into a car and drove off.

Christy says someone broke into their car at North 83rd Street and Fremont Avenue last week and took sunglasses, an IPhone car charger and an iPhone stereo cable. She says they rifled through every inch of the car but laid out a small stack of baby pictures around the car.

John says someone broke into his car at NW 85th Street and Dibble Avenue this morning, but the alarm did not go off. He said some irreplaceable personal items were found several blocks south in a yard and returned.