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Couth Buzzard Books hosts David Shields and Caleb Powell tonight in ‘I Think You Are Totally Wrong: A Quarrel’

Couth Buzzard Books hosts UW professor David Shields and his former student Caleb Powell in a rematch over their new book and upcoming Hollywood film, “I Think You Are Totally Wrong: A Quarrel.” The fun begins at 7 p.m. tonight (Thursday) at 8310 Greenwood Ave. N.

The book was just released. You can read the Huffington Post review here, and the Boston Globe review here.

Here’s an excerpt from Huffington Post:

This core is a (faux) battle between the art-obsessed Shields — so fixated on his next book that he’s forgotten to live — and Powell, in the opposite corner — full of travel and perspective, but a so-far-unsuccessful writer. They inhabit these positions the way red or blue states express monolithic political ideology, but it’s a useful and delightful conceit. Shields can free himself from a semi-mid-career existential crisis and Powell can push back against a former teacher whose values are so effete and disconnected from life as to be almost irresponsibly thin air.

Actor/Director James Franco directed a film about the book, starring Shields and Powell, to be released this spring.