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Phinney Ridge parents invent child’s travel chair that straps to rolling suitcase

Phinney Ridge parents Jennie and Jon Helman have spent the last seven years trying to figure out a better way to transport their three young children through airports. So they invented Lugabug, a collapsible fabric chair that straps onto the outside of a roller suitcase. Its motto is “A snug seat for tired feet.”


“We’ve been motivated for many years to give the gift of ‘family travel made easy’ to the world,” Jennie said. “Lugabug makes traveling with our kids a breeze and we want others to experience the same.”

Lugabug collapses fully so it can be left on your luggage when you store it in the plane’s overhead bins or go through security.


It’s designed for ages 2 and up, with a limit of 70 pounds. It can also be used as a stand-alone chair or sitting pad, or used as a bag for carrying extra items.

The Helmans have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money for the initial round of production. They need to raise $25,000 by Feb. 27 for the project to be funded. Their Kickstarter page has more pictures and videos of the product in use.