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Coyotes seen in Phinney Ridge this afternoon

We received three reports of coyotes seen running through Phinney Ridge this afternoon.

Emma says she saw two large coyotes running from next to a house and into the street between North Fremont Avenue and Dayton Avenue North around North 75th Street.

Brittany saw them running across Dayton at North 68th Street.

And Zack saw one coyote around 3:15 p.m.

I spotted a coyote walking up the hill on the 500 block of North 67th. It paused to let a (seemingly unaware) family pass by on the other side of the street before darting across the street and into some bushes, headed south. I heard some dogs barking from the direction it had gone.

We’ve had reports of coyotes before, most recently in November. Did anyone else see them today?