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Greenwood Community Council meeting Tuesday features talk with micro-housing developer

A developer who is building a 36-unit micro-housing project at 714 N. 95th St. Greenwood will speak at Tuesday’s Greenwood Community Council meeting. The meeting is from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Greenwood Library, 8016 Greenwood Ave. N. The public is invited.

From the Greenwood Community Council’s meeting notice:

There’s been a big to-do about micro-housing (aka apodments*) in neighborhoods all over Seattle. Micro-housing is a relatively new idea in Seattle, allowing people who don’t need a full apartment to rent a bedroom only with access to a common kitchen. Many do not provide parking because many micro-housing residents don’t own one. The micro-housing boom has caught neighborhoods by surprise, with buildings appearing all over town. These projects have been largely exempt from regulation or public review, but the City Council is reconsidering whether to change that.

Three micro-housing developments are under construction now in Greenwood – comprising most of the development that will open here in the next year. (One is on Phinney Ave. above the Safeway parking lot, and two are on NW 85th St.) There are clearly potential benefits, but also unknown impacts that raise concerns for some neighbors.

Daniel Stoner is a developer who has built micro-housing projects previously, and he’s asked for the opportunity to discuss plans for a new micro-housing project on 95th St. with Greenwood neighbors – the topic of our December meeting. KCTS recently did a story on micro-housing and Daniel was interviewed — you can see the interview by clicking here.

*Apodments is a trademark of a specific micro-housing development company, so the term micro-housing is used here.