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Starbucks finally being repaired after truck smashed through front last month

The Phinney Ridge Starbucks is finally being repaired after a truck smashed through the front windows last month. Store Manager Jeff Cornejo tells me repairs began Monday night. He said the city permit took longer than expected because the crash took out a load-bearing column and required extra documentation for construction.
Phinney Ridge Starbucks has been open since the day after the Nov. 3 crash, with plywood covering the entire front.

The column will be the first thing to be replaced, then the store front. It is unclear whether we’ll get a garage door, or sliding glass doors when they repair the window section of the store. Construction…will continue during our non-operating hours.
The city will also install temporary concrete barricades while a long term solution is figured out.
There two possible solutions we are pursuing with the City:
1- installing bollards, or something similar; which the City will have to request through a special public right of way permit.
2- incorporate our section of the street with the Pedestrian Overly Zone currently being proposed between 58th and 62nd.
The building repairs should be wrapped up by the end of this month.