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Cooper’s hawk in Phinney Ridge

Laura sent us this great photo of a Cooper’s hawk eating its breakfast (a pigeon) in Phinney Ridge yesterday. And she shared some information about the Seattle Cooper’s Hawk Project.

(W)e noticed the purple and silver bands on his legs and found out that the bands were from the Seattle Cooper’s Hawk Project (listed here under Coopers Hawks: Site Fidelity and Breeding Dispersal Study, https://www.wos.org/research.html). I contacted Ed Deal, and he told me that there are quite a few of these banded hawks in the Phinney Ridge area. So if anyone sees a Cooper’s hawk with a purple band on their left leg (male) or orange band on their right leg (female), note the ID number on the colored band (and take a photo if you can!) and report the band id, as well as the sighting place, time, and date to Ed at [email protected].