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Greenwood neighbor explains why she’s thankful to live here

We received a lovely note from Julia, who lives in Greenwood, and wanted to share why she loves our neighborhood so much.

Driving along in the snow through the winter wonderland in the Seattle I’ve known as home for over three decades, it became clear how warm the neighborhood remains. People along Greenwood Avenue bustling about, Small Business Saturday places comfortably packed with familiar faces, and friends sipping coffee at Neptune’s marked the beginning of our holiday season. Then as I caught the red light on Greenwood at North 80th Street, the most amazing site caught my eyes.

There were three or four folks atop “The American Dance Studio” roof, yes, the roof, placing lights and ornaments and monkeys onto an Evergreen tree, a Christmas tree.

It’s my neighborhood. These are our neighbors. The monkeys are a fundraiser for the Woodland Park Zoo. How cool is that idea? The shops along Greenwood placing monkeys in so many fun ways: escaped neon-lit monkeys hanging here, hanging there, hanging everywhere. Businesses trying to feed the animals we all like to visit from time to time.

I feel at home. My life is gonna be okay. Because I live in a pretty safe place with pretty cool neighbors who think saving a Zoo is a pretty cool thing. They think it’s fun to celebrate with monkeys on trees on rooftops. How cool is that?

Happiest of Holiday Seasons to my City, my neighbors, my friends, the animals, and all of you….