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Neighborhood crime roundup

We have quite a bit of crime to tell you about from the last week or so.
Keren says her car has been prowled three times in the past month in Greenwood. Every compartment inside was opened, but there was nothing valuable to steal so the thieves didn’t take anything.
Raechel had two packages stolen last week from NW 87th Street between 6th and 8th avenues NW.
Jake had a package stolen a week ago from his front porch near North 100th Street and Linden Avenue.

Fortunately a neighbor witnessed the event and actually confronted the woman and got her picture. She was riding a motorized scooter/wheelchair down the sidewalk, ran across the yard and retrieved the package, and left again on her scooter.
The police were notified (the package wasn’t worth much, but this has been a persistent problem over the past year), but if you see this woman rolling around your street, just keep an eye on her and your neighbor’s belongings.

Bryanne says her mail was stolen, including a birthday card with cash inside and a credit union debit card, from the 9700 block of 3rd Avenue NW. The debit card had already been activated and was used to purchase about $400 worth of items from QFC, Fred Meyer and Safeway. She contacted her credit union to find out how the card had already been activated.

For everyone who banks with Verity Credit Union should know that if they were issued a new card due to the recent security breaches, the cards sent out by Verity are ALREADY ACTIVATED!!! That’s how the thief or thieves were able to use my card.

We’ve heard more reports of ladders being used to break into the second story of homes in the neighborhood. Many times the ladders did not come from the yard of the home that was broken into but were left behind. This is a good reminder to keep all windows locked, including on upper floors.
Gail says her silver Infiniti I-30 was stolen from North 80th Street and Dayton Avenue last Sunday.
Julie says her visiting brother’s car was stolen from the 1700 block of NW 58th Street in Ballard last night. They’re hoping it was dumped nearby in Phinney Ridge or Greenwood. It’s a 1996 4-door dark green Honda Civic, license plate WA ASN4059. It has tan and red University of Portland parking stickers on the driver’s side windshield.