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Neighborhood crime: houses broken into, yard used as toilet, packages stolen, car stolen

We’ve received a lot of emails about crime in the neighborhood lately. Here’s a roundup:

Janet says someone broke through her two back doors last Friday, near North 50th Street and Phinney Avenue North, and stole money and other items.

They also climbed up on a sawhorse and disabled a motion detector light in the back yard. (A neighbor (who I don’t know) reported that in a house behind mine, someone saw this person either leaving or entering and called out to them – but when they didn’t answer, assumed it was me – the resident.)

When the police came, I learned that at least five other houses had been broken into. In one case, someone came upon the “person” while they were in the home. This person is safe, thankfully.

I understand that- on this same night – houses were hit on N. 48th, N. 49th, N. 55th, and N. 65th Streets.

Also, people need reminders (as I do) not to leave ladders, stepstools, etc. outside.

Karleen says her home on the same street was broken into Friday night when someone used a tall ladder (not hers) to break into the second floor. The thief stole electronics.

Lisa tells us her car was stolen from in front of her house at 4th Avenue NW and NW 72nd Street last Saturday during daylight hours. She says her car had been broken into just a few weeks before.

Keven tells us his home surveillance camera got footage of a man using his Greenwood yard as a toilet.

I am cleaning around some flowerbeds in the yard when I notice a mound of poo. Something told me this wasn’t the product of a large dog (since dogs usually prefer using grass to dirt). Still, I put it out of my mind long enough to clean it up… only to let curiosity grip me and force me to search the security camera watching over the area. Sure enough a “two legged animal” did the doo!

We would really like to know who this…ahemmmm!… .gentleman is… so we can let him know fouling folks’ yards isn’t cool (especially with all this concern in the news about pathogens spread by bodily fluids and human waste.

Check out the YouTube videos here and here of the surveillance footage to see if you recognize the man. (KIRO ran a story Tuesday night after seeing this post.)

Tyler got surveillance pictures of a woman stealing packages off his front porch near North 76th Street and 3rd Avenue NW yesterday. He says packages have been stolen three times over the last few months, and the surveillance footage shows it was the same woman the last two times.

It’s a woman who appears to be riding her bike carrying large bags which she can easily slip stolen packages into. I can’t believe that we’re the only house she is stealing from. We’ve filed police reports, but haven’t received any follow-up from them.

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And Matt says his car was broken into Saturday night between midnight and 8 a.m. near Greenwood Avenue North and North 104th Street. The thief smashed a window and stole a black Swiss Gear backpack with a Dell work laptop, two iPods (a video iPod and an iPod Shuffle), and Bose headphones.