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Community solar project being installed at Phinney Center

Crews have been working to install the first North Seattle community solar project at the Phinney Neighborhood Association, 6532 Phinney Ave. The solar panels themselves will be installed today.
On the roof of the PNA’s Blue Building, with Green Lake in the background. Photo courtesy Puget Sound Solar.
Woodland Park Zoo also is getting two large photovoltaic solar arrays as part of the same project, which is sponsored by Seattle City Light. Together, the zoo and the PNA’s arrays will comprise about 74 kilowatts of solar.
Customers can buy one or more units for $150 each. Investors will receive annual City Light energy credits and Washington State incentive payments until 2020, when the solar systems will belong completely to the PNA and the zoo.
Update: Here are two pictures of the first panels being installed today. (Thanks to the PNA for the photos.)