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‘SEA-HAWKS!’ and more at the Greenwood Seafair Parade

The rain held off, but so did much of the usual crowds, making it easier for those who did go to get front-row seats at the “Touchdown Greenwood” themed Greenwood Seafair Parade.

The chant, “SEA-HAWKS! SEA-HAWKS!” rippled through the small, but enthusiastic audience, as Blitz, the parade grand marshal, rode by near the head of the parade.


“Are they real princesses?” one young girl asked her mother as the waving Seafair princesses went by:


Tara Academy students stepped out:


The new Mayor, Ed Murray, put in an appearance in the old mayor’s ‘hood:

Mayor Ed Murray

The Electronettes drill team give an athletic performance:


The Seafair Pirates came with the traditional cannon. Many people got ready for one blast…


…and tried to capture the next one:


While the booming cannon made plenty of people jump, perhaps the most surprising guest was the double rainbow that arched over the parade. Here’s a shot of the brightest one. If you have a better shot – or any other great shots of the parade- please send it to us at [email protected].