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Crime roundup, also lost and found

Julia says she found a camera at NW 87th Street and Greenwood Avenue North during the Greenwood Car Show on Saturday. If you think it’s yours, email us and we’ll put you in touch with her.

Jen tells us someone broke into her car near 52nd Street and Palatine Avenue around 4 a.m. today.

We don’t keep much in our car but they managed to take an old iPod, a car charger, an auxiliary cord and an emergency road side kit. My husband heard a car roll up to the house and idle. It sounded like the newspaper man but it was 4am so he went to the window to see what was going on and saw a white ford truck with a guy waiting in the driver seat and the other guy in our car with a flash light looking for stuff to steal. My husband opened the front door and yelled at them and they sped off. We called the cops and filed a report.

Jenny says someone stole her bike on Saturday afternoon from near Aurora Avenue North and Winona Avenue North on the edge of east Phinney and Green Lake. It’s a red Fuji Gran Tourer SE. If you’ve seen it, please call Jenny at 425-923-9425.


Beth says someone stole the leaf blower out of her Greenwood garage two weeks ago, and left a NY Giants jersey in its place. The leaf blower was an Echo brand similar to this.

Sara and Tom had their red 1999 Honda Civic 4-door stolen sometime Saturday night from 87th and Phinney Avenue North. The license plate is APR7352. If you’ve seen it, please call Sara at 206-240-9402 or Tom at 206-422-2053.