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Neighborhood crime roundup

Here’s a roundup of various recent crimes we’ve heard about in the neighborhood.
Matthew tells us his 2005 VW Jetta wagon was stolen from his locked parking garage at 727 N. 85th St. late on May 24 or early on the 25th. There was no sign of forced entry. He says the car was found three nights later in Lake City, with most of his personal belongings still inside, plus a stolen computer and gas can.
Philippe tells us his house at NW 70th Street and 3rd Avenue NW was broken into in the early afternoon of May 16. The burglar forced their way through a back window and took a laptop, jewelry and wallet, then exited through the front door.
Andrew posted on our Facebook page that a man tried to rob him at Greenwood Avenue and North 72nd Street on May 28. He believes he broke the man’s nose and jaw while defending himself. He says the man is Black/Hispanic, about 5’10”, with a scar on the left side of his face.
Over the last two weeks, Sally on NW 77th Street and 6th Avenue NW has had a number of items stolen from her yard overnight, including a large stone elephant and her bird bath.

Please know the crows were very miffed. This is the only source of water always available to soften hard bagels. They tried to take a huge rock but failed. I am sure they are coming back for it.

Here’s a picture of that rock:
Hazel Salon owner Tara Berg says two bikes were delivered to a discreet area behind the salon at 5817 Phinney Ave. N. on Tuesday, and one of them was stolen within an hour. Here’s what the bike looks like.
Rick says a woman walking her dog by his house near 58th and Greenwood saw a suspicious man coming out of his garage shed on Memorial Day. She told a neighbor, who together with another neighbor approached a man lurking at the back of the house. He claimed to be a landscaper who left a card at the front door (which was never found).

Apparently he specializes in “large bush removal”. The guy managed to skulk away – I do not know his race but my neighbors described him as between 25 and 30 with “bites” all over him. I think these are picking scabs or wounds, the guy was probably a meth-head looking for something to make a quick smash and grab. The window screen on our front window had been taken off.

Elaine says someone stole her Little Free Library from the 9500 Block of Evanston Avenue overnight on June 5. She’s offering a $50 reward for its safe return. Email [email protected] if you have any information.
Here’s what it looked like: