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6th annual Auction for Animals is this afternoon at Woodland Park Zoo

Lucas Engles-Klann, now just 8 years old, is hosting his 6th annual Auction for Animals from 1-3 p.m. today (Sunday) at Woodland Park Zoo. The event is free and open to the public (zoo admission not required). The auction is in the Education Center by the South Gate 750 N. 50th St.

Auction for Animals was started by in 2008 amidst plans for his 3rd birthday party. When asked how he wanted to celebrate, his reply was “I want to save all the animals”, and his annual fundraiser was born. The event has taken many different forms over the years, including benefit dinners, raffles, and auctions, and has raised over $15,000 to support the Woodland Park Zoo, the National Audubon Society and Point Defiance Zoo. Money raised this year will go towards preservation of Woodland Park Zoo’s gorillas, snow leopards, and jaguars.
Special features at this year’s event will include a bake sale, games, a live auction (hosted by Lucas) for kids, and a silent auction for the grown-ups. Items up for grabs this year include unique pieces from local artists and amazing wines.
Now eight years old, Lucas’ passion for animal preservation has grown with him, and he now assumes much of the responsibility for planning and overseeing every aspect of the event. His excitement has not gone unnoticed…over 150 people attended last year’s event and raised over $3200.