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Recent crime, weird incidents in the neighborhood

We have a few recent crimes or potential crimes in the neighborhood to tell you about.

A PhinneyWood reader tells us that someone has been stealing packages from door steps near 8th Ave. NW between about NW 80th and 84th streets. The thefts appear to happen in the early to late afternoon hours.

Another reader tells us an older Vietnamese man stopped by her house the other day and asked to do yard work. She agreed and said he was a hard worker over the course of two days, and asked him to come back another day for more work. But she said he repeatedly asked if she had a husband, and said he was living in someone’s garage a few blocks away. Then one night he knocked on her front door at 9:30 p.m. When she and her husband didn’t answer, he opened her gate and went into the backyard and tried to open the glass sliding door, which she had run to lock when she heard him coming through the gate.

When he saw my husband, who was holding a kitchen knife, he seemed confused, and when he saw me he started waving. We yelled at him through the door to go away immediately and then called the police. He was gone by the time they showed up.

Has anyone else hired this man and had similar problems?

Yet another reader tells us someone apparently stole mail out of her mailbox and scattered it around her backyard near NW 52nd Street and 1st avenue NW last week. But what was really scary was her propane tank had been disconnected from the barbecue, its valve opened, and it was placed on its side next to the mail. Has anyone else had this happen?