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Neighborhood crime roundup

Unfortunately, we have a fair number of recent property crimes to tell you about.

Esther tells us someone broke into her neighbor’s house at North 60th Street and Greenwood Avenue last week by kicking in the side door. The thief rifled through drawers and cupboards and stole some jewelry.

Gabi tells us someone stole her husband’s commute bike from their shed sometime between 8 p.m. Wednesday and 7 a.m. Thursday. She says the thief would have had to open the gate and walk all the way across the property to reach the shed.

Here’s a picture of a similar Black Raleigh bike. If you’ve seen it, please leave a note below in comments.


Nancy tells us her neighbor stopped two thieves who were trying to steal a barbecue. They were driving a motorhome through an alley in Phinney Ridge and had just loaded the barbecue into their rig when he confronted them. He was able to get the barbecue back before they drove away. He got the full license plate, but for legal reasons we can only post a partial plate here: APT80**


Please put a note below in comments if saw them too.

Heather tells us her truck was broken into last week in the alley between North 73rd and 74th streets between Fremont and Linden avenues. She says the thief broke through the back window, cleared out the center console and the glove compartment, stole a backpack and tools, and tried to steal the truck (she could tell because the ignition was messed up). She says several other vehicles in that area were broken into at the same time. She says a man was arrested the following night in Lynnwood after trying to use her husband’s debit card, and their stolen items are still in evidence at the Lynnwood precinct.