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If you see someone dressed as a gorilla in Phinney-Greenwood today or tomorrow, don’t panic!

A-1 Pianos at 7020 Greenwood Ave. N. in Phinney Ridge is promoting its Friday night Artwalk event by having someone dressed in a gorilla suit handing out flyers tonight and tomorrow. An employee at the store tells us someone freaked out the last time they did this and called the police after seeing the gorilla hiding in the bushes and eating a banana.
The store’s artwalk theme is based on April Fool’s Day and is called “Bad Art Walk” and “features paintings by various artists from a private collection that is questionable, tacky, corny, campy…kitschy – or just plain ‘bad.’ There will be an opportunity to vote for the ‘baddest’ art entry.”
So, to recap, if you see someone dressed as a gorilla in the neighborhood today or tomorrow, it’s okay. But do send us a picture!
Here’s the gorilla buying a banana at Ken’s Market.