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Call for temporary outdoor artworks at Carkeek Park

The sixth installation in the “Heaven & Earth” series of outdoor artwork at Carkeek Park just north of Greenwood will be on display from July 12-Oct. 29. This year’s theme is “As Above so Below.”

The exhibition is a collaboration with Seattle Parks and Recreation, the Carkeek Park Advisory Council, and the Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA). Artists will receive a $500 honorarium.

CoCA will accept proposals for a wide variety of media for placement in a series of suggested locations viewable online (https://www.cocaseattle.org/carkeekphotos.htm). As Above so Below is open to all artists (whether established or emerging), local, regional, national, or international. All work should have a minimal impact on the park and eventually leave “no trace” following removal. Working in conjunction with its partners, CoCA will select up to 12 artists and/or artist’s teams from the pool of applicants and offer an honorarium of $500. CoCA will also publish a map and full color catalog of the exhibition, create a shared blog, archive the work on www.heavenandearthexhibition.org, and offer participating artists a one-year membership in CoCA. The 2014 exhibition will be guest-juried by Thendara Kida-Gee, Artist/Curator, and Paula Hoff, Strategic Advisor, Seattle Parks and Recreation Superintendent’s Office. There is no fee to apply.

As Above So Below: Heaven & Earth 6 is one of the region’s only venues for site-specific artwork in an urban forest setting where part of the exhibit includes a walking tour of an hour or more. Spread throughout Carkeek Park’s 200-plus acres of urban forest in a series of clusters linked by trails, As Above So Below affords a prime opportunity to explore a broad range of contemporary interpretations of art and nature, including performance, new media, landscape interventions, installations, sound art, biomimicry, ephemeral work, and other interdisciplinary perspectives.

Deadline for final entries by midnight Saturday, May 1, 2014 PST. Please send submissions to https://www.cocaseattle.org/submission.php. View 2009 – 2013 exhibitions at www.heavenandearthexhibition.org.