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Sketchy solicitors who didn’t seem to be selling anything

Nicks tells us two women came to his door on Dayton Avenue near North 67th Street last Friday afternoon and he thought it may have been some kind of potential scam. He wanted to share his experience and see if anyone else saw them:

So we’re cleaning up the house and the door is open since we have a bit of sunshine this afternoon and we hear a “Hello?” from the front steps. I go out there and these are 2 ladies (black, 24 years old as reported by themselves) going “door to door” about something. It’s a typical intro by unwanted soliciting where they don’t really even say what they are doing. They have some roundabout story how this is their first job and they’re going door to door to better their business acumen (my words not theirs). None of it seemed legit and I wanted to put this out there since it had the feeling of a scam of some sort.
Asking too many questions and not able to answer any of mine without a side-stepping story. Also as they said they were going “Door to door”, we walked around nearby streets and didn’t see one sign of them.