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826 Seattle publishes fourth edition of ‘What to Read in the Rain’, buy tickets for annual fundraiser with guest Carrie Brownstein

826 Seattle’s newest edition of its fourth annual anthology “What to Read in the Rain” features literary great Tom Robbins, journalist Susan Orlean, and novelist and musician Myla Goldberg. In addition to the adult writers, 22 youth writers are featured in this year’s edition of stories, essays and poetry.
Books are distributed to Seattle hotels, which place one in each guest room. Guests can read them and leave them, or they can purchase them. Hotels receive a portion of the proceeds, with the bulk going back into 826 Seattle’s free youth literary programs.
The 2014 edition is available at Renaissance Seattle, Cedarbrook Lodge, Grand Hyatt, Washington Athletic Club, Alexis and Olive Eight (although more hotels may be added). You can also purchase a copy at Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. (the front and fundraising arm for 826 Seattle), at 8414 Greenwood Ave. N. or online.
If you’re looking for another way to support 826 Seattle, their annual fundraiser “People Eating and Giving” is set for March 7 at the Triple Door. Tickets are $150 and include dinner and wine. Special guests include board member Tom Robbins, reading from his upcoming memoir “Tibetan Peach Pie,” and “Portlandia” star Carrie Brownstein. Tickets are available online.
And a heads up that 826 Seattle’s annual Pluto Day has been renamed Dwarf Planet Pride Day, in honor of all the littlest planets. A special parade around the main intersection of Greenwood Avenue North and North 85th Street starts at 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 15th.

For the past eight years, we’ve protested Pluto’s demotion from “planet” to “dwarf planet.” Despite our rallying cries, the IAU (International Astronomical Union) has remained staunchly unmoved.

 This year, we’ve decided to embrace Pluto’s status and celebrate all the dwarf planets. The Dwarf Planet Pride Parade departs the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. at 2pm, with festivities to follow.