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Metro’s RapidRide E Line debuts Feb. 15 as replacement for the 358

Metro’s new RapidRide E Line will replace the number 358 bus beginning this Saturday, Feb. 15. Metro says it will offer better reliability and faster trips, with buses arriving every 5 to 15 minutes, increasing transit service by 25 percent along an 11-mile stretch of Aurora Avenue North.

Metro also says all RapidRide buses have security cameras, and bus shelters have improved lighting and stop request lights.

The E Line replaces the current Route 358, Metro’s second highest ridership route, delivering 12,000 rides each weekday. With the addition of the E Line, ridership is projected to grow by 50 percent to 5.4 million annual rides within the next five years.

The distinguishing features of RapidRide are frequent all-day service, passenger amenities such as well-lit shelters, real-time “next bus” signs, off-board ORCA card payment, hybrid-electric buses with three doors and free Wi-Fi.

Saturday is also one of three days during the year when some Metro schedules change. Changes to routes in our neighborhood include a different route for the north end of the 28 local, which will now continue up 8th Avenue NW between NW 85th and 100th streets into Crown Hill.