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DPD wants to hear from community about pedestrian retail zones

The city’s Department of Planning and Development is studying how to add pedestrian zones to Neighborhood Commercial Zones. Pedestrian zones are designed to protect existing pedestrian-oriented retail areas or encourage development of new pedestrian-friendly business areas.

DPD completed an initial analysis and is now asking the community for input via an online survey. Survey deadline is Feb. 28. You can also submit comments or direct questions to: Aly Pennucci, Senior Planner, DPD, 206-386-9132 or [email protected].

Check out a map of existing and potential pedestrian zones compiled by DPD, including a proposed stretch along Phinney Avenue north of North 58th St., and NW 65th Street west of 4th Avenue NW.

DPD will then prepare final recommendations for the Mayor and City Council.