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Recent neighborhood crime

Here’s a roundup of recent neighborhood crime that people have emailed us about.

A 10-year-old boy left his small green bag with electronics and other items in it on the south sidewalk of Greenwood Park on Sunday, late afternoon. After being distracted for about 15 minutes, he noticed it was missing. If you have any information, please email us and we’ll put you in touch.

Lisa tells us someone stole art out of her front yard on NW 81st Street in early January. “One piece was a dog that was made out of old tractor parts that my husband bought for me years ago. The others were three small flowers with marbles in the middle,” she wrote. Anyone seen them?

A neighbor of Sandel Park reports that two days in a row, he found almost every mailbox along 2nd Avenue NW from 90th to 97th streets was open, and some circulars were strewn on the ground. He assumes someone was looking to steal mail left overnight.

Colin says he had packages stolen from his porch near Greenwood Avenue and North 56th Street on Jan. 31. And Deirdre says she had two FedEx packages stolen from her front door on North 84th St. in mid-January.

Kelsey tells us her car was broken into recently near NW 55th Street and 1st Avenue NW.

The car was unlocked (no broken windows – lucky!), so the thieves just opened the door and rummaged through everything but did not appear to take anything. I assume that they were looking for electronics, and they even left some delicious craft beers in the back that we left in the car overnight. Maybe they were spooked and ran off before they could get through everything.