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PhinneyWood, My Ballard readers instrumental to package theft case

Det. Cary Coblantz of the Shoreline Police Department asked us to thank all the PhinneyWood and My Ballard readers who have emailed information and tips after two suspects were caught in a stolen car full of packages stolen from Ballard-area homes.

Det. Coblantz said nearly every item police recovered has been identified and returned to its rightful owner. He only has a few pairs of shoes and a few cooking items left. He asks that people STOP emailing him to enquire about any other items they may have had stolen. Det. Coblantz said he has fielded well over 1,000 emails in this case and has tried to respond to every one.

“I would like to thank the community members who stepped up and helped out, it will make the difference between nothing happening and suspect(s) being held accountable and serving time in jail and/or prison,” he wrote in an email. “If anyone has any information about people involved, video footage from their home systems, or information about witnesses please do continue to contact me. “

Det. Coblantz’s email is [email protected]