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Reminder about increase in package thefts

Thieves seem to come out in force during the holiday season, stealing just-delivered packages off porches. Autumn tells us someone stole a package of baby shower gifts from her Greenwood home two weeks ago.

Surveillance footage showed a white woman with brown hair, approximately 160 pounds driving a 1992 white Lincoln Continental back up the driveway where our apartment complex is located and go from door to door loading packages into her car. The same thief returned on 11/27 to steal a package from the same neighbor but she was spotted and drove away in a hurry. Anyone seeing this car following a UPS truck or circling the neighborhood should immediately call the police.

We’ve received plenty of other emails from folks who’ve had packages stolen, and I witnessed a man steal a package off my neighbor’s porch last week. (I got his license plate but it was a stolen car.)
Experts suggest having packages sent to your work (if your employer will allow this) or to a P.O. box. Sip & Ship at 7511 Greenwood Ave. N. will accept packages if you’re already in their computer system. They’ll call you when it arrives and you pay a small fee, starting at $5 for a small box and going up depending on the size.