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Author reading at library – Little Free Library, that is

Michael Koep-resizedIdaho author, musician and artist Michael B. Koep will read from his new novel, “The Invasion of Heaven” at various places this week, including a book store and several restaurants, but he’ll also be doing a reading at a Little Free Library at 411 N. 46th St. in South Phinney/North Fremont from 8:30-9:30 a.m. Thursday morning. The free-standing “library” is near a bus stop.

“The Invasion of Heaven” is Part I of “The Newirth Mythology.”

The mysterious death of a bipolar housewife forces psychologist Loche Newirth to see traces of insanity in the most terrifying place: himself. All at once he is wanted for murder; in a battle of wits with another psychologist; AND he may be seeing things—a crystal blue iris with a fathomless black pupil starts popping up to stare at his life.

Next, the doctor is tangled up with a stuttering and sometimes stoned artist who claims his portraits are a link to the afterlife. Part one of The Newirth Mythology: The Invasion of Heaven is filled with a mind-bending cast of double-crossing characters bent on destroying what was thought to be beyond the reach of human treachery: the life we all hope for behind death’s door.

Koep also will sign books from 3-5 p.m. Saturday at Couth Buzzard Books, 8310 Greenwood Ave. N.

Koep is also the drummer and lyricist for the progressive rock group Kite and percussionist for the variety power trio The Rub.