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Parking restrictions in Crown Hill, Greenwood as road crew sweep certain streets

Seattle Department of Transportation crews are sweeping certain streets that were recently chip sealed in Crown Hill and Greenwood.

If No Parking signs have been posted where you normally park, please remove your vehicles to allow for the sweeping. Because this operation cannot be efficiently or safely carried out around parked cars, vehicles found in violation of the parking restrictions must be towed.
Although all of the recently chip sealed streets have been swept, certain streets need additional sweeping due to remaining loose rock on the sides of the street. Temporary “No Parking” signs are being installed to prevent cars from parking in the areas where sweeping is planned. This will allow the mechanical sweepers to sweep the edges of the roadway.
On Friday, October 18, sweeping will be conducted on:
· NW 100th St, between Greenwood Ave N and 3rd Ave NW
· 1st Ave NW, between NW 85th St and NW 100th St
As other locations are identified, parking restrictions will be posted at least 72 hours in advance of the sweeping operation.
If you have any questions or would like additional sweeping on a chip sealed street, please call Susan Almachar, Chip Seal Project Manager, at 206-684-5303, or at [email protected].