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40-unit ‘apodment’ building coming to site just north of Greenwood Safeway

Developers just received a determination of non-significance for an environmental review of the site at 8727 Phinney Ave. N. where they plan to build a four-story, six-unit apartment building with a total of 40 “sleeping rooms,” commonly referred to as “apodments.”
The site is currently an overgrown empty lot directly north of the Greenwood Safeway’s rooftop parking lot. Here’s the view from Phinney Avenue looking west (that’s Walgreens on Greenwood Avenue in the upper left).
And here’s the view looking east toward Phinney Avenue.
The building will be a total of 8,828 square feet and does not include any parking. The full DPD decision and site description are here.
Appeals on the SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) determination must be received by the Hearing Examiner by Oct. 24, and accompanied by an $85 filing fee check payable to the City of Seattle. Send to: City of Seattle, Hearing Examiner, PO Box 94729, Seattle WA 98124-4729.