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Road work on 65th and Woodland Avenue nearing completion after temporary shutdown

Seattle Department of Transportation has been working to improve the road and sidewalks around North 65th Street and Woodland/Linden avenues since August. The work was planned to be complete by the end of September, but early that month work was temporarily halted after crews found a possibly sensitive area, according to SDOT’s Dawn Schellenberg.

As part of SDOT’s compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act, the contractor stopped work on the impacted areas. The Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation reviewed the site and determined it did not warrant historic protection. Once this determination was made, construction on the project was allowed to continue. Human remains were not identified in this area.
Work has begun again on this project site. The new pervious sidewalk is being poured this week and early next week. Weather permitting, the contractor hopes to pave N 65th St at the end of next week (Oct. 17), then complete the pavement markings and install the new all-way stop at this intersection.