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Greenwood Seafair Parade winners

Better late than never, here are the winners in each category of the Greenwood Seafair Parade on July 24.

Very Important Kids – Comic/Novelty:

  1. Christ the King Catholic School
  2. Greenwood Elementary
  3. Monkey Business Preschool

Very Important Kids – Drill Team:

  1. 1st Washington Karate Association

Very Important Kids – Wheeled:

  1. Whittier Wildcats Unicycle Arts
  2. Daniel Bagley Elementary School
  3. Phinney Ridge Lutheran Child Development Center

In the Grand Parade — Band:

  1. Seattle Schools All City Marching Band
  2. Pacific NW Drumline
  3. Calgary Roundup Band (from Canada)


  1. Piper’s Creek Watershed
  2. Greenwood Christian Church Garbage Can Corp
  3. North Seattle Boys & Girls Club


  1. Marysville Strawberry Festival
  2. West Seattle Hi-Yu Summer Festival
  3. Seattle Seafair Commodores

Drill Team, Jr. Dance:

  1. Baby Dolls Drill Team
  2. Electronettes “Butterfly” Drill Team
  3. Diva Upgrades

Drill Team, Sr. Dance:

  1. Northside Jr. And Sr. Drill Team
  2. Essential Steppers and Drum Squad
  3. Dolls and Gents Drill Team and Drumline


  1. Seattle Art Cars
  2. A-1 Piano
  3. KISS 106.1 FM

Drill Team, Jr. Precision:

  1. Highlanders Drill Team B
  2. Lil Senoritas Drill Team

Drill Team, Sr. Precision:

  1. Highlanders Drill Team A
  2. North Queens Drill Team
  3. Shooting Stars Drill Team

Marsha Brunner Sweepstakes Trophy:

Electronettes Drill Team and Drum Squad