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Take SDOT survey on Aurora Avenue changes

Seattle Department of Transportation is making changes to Aurora Avenue North before launching the RapidRide E Line next year. You can take a survey about the changes. The public comment period ends Friday, July 12.

As part of the development of King County Metro’s RapidRide E Line project along Aurora Avenue North, we are working with Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to implement traffic signal timing improvements and peak period Business Access and Transit (BAT) lanes between N 38th Street and N 115th Street. The E Line replaces Route 358 in February 2014. The E Line will operate between Shoreline’s Aurora Village Transit Center and downtown Seattle.

RapidRide features high-frequency service, off-board fare payment at RapidRide stations, and systems that integrate the buses with traffic signals and signs.

Recommendations by SDOT:

  • Adjust timing of traffic signals for all lanes to keep vehicles moving
  • New traffic signals to detect approaching transit and extend a green light or end a red light early
  • Implement peak period BAT lanes: morning (6-9 a.m.) and evening (3-7 p.m.)