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Phinney Center looking for craftsperson to assist with occasional projects, renovations

The Phinney Neighborhood Association is looking for a skilled craftsperson to assist with occasional projects and renovations.

We do many small renovation and repair projects in-house. We build walls, drywall (mud, tape and paint), install cabinetry and trim, hang doors and mount hardware, do minor plumbing and electrical, tiling, build signs and glazing. We do exterior and interior painting and wood restoration.

We have several part-time and on-call staff who share this workload. This would be a flexible, on-call, position, ideal for someone who enjoys this type of work, has high standards, and likes to see a project from inception to completion. We emphasize quality over production.

To receive the job announcement with more information, email [email protected] To apply for the position, send a cover letter and resume to [email protected] by June 21 at 5 pm.