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Arson mural re-installed in Naked City’s new beer garden

The mural that once covered the wooden fence where four Greenwood businesses were destroyed in a 2009 arson, has been reborn at Naked City Brewery & Taphouse’s new beer garden.


The so called “arson mural” was created by local artists as a sign of hope and rebirth for the neighborhood, after more than a dozen arsons terrorized the neighborhood over the course of several months. The worst arson destroyed four restaurants next to Taproot Theatre, which owned the building housing those restaurants. Taproot built a fence to cover the scarred ground from view, and artists painted a mural depicting neighborhood scenes, such as the Greenwood Car Show and a firefighter saving a cat, plus a phoenix rising from the flames.

The mural was taken down when Taproot began work on a new building in that space. That new building will house a second theater, scene shop, offices and a cafe. Taproot’s addition will open late this summer.