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UPDATE: TUX HAS NEW HOME — Tux the cat was lost, then found, then owners moved, now looking for new home

Update Wednesday: After numerous responses from PhinneyWood readers, Noel says Tux has a new home in Wedgwood with a very happy 12-year-old!

Earlier: Tux the cat disappeared from his Phinney Ridge home in January. His owners desperately searched for him, to no avail. Finally, two weeks ago, a PhinneyWood reader contacted us, saying she’d found Tux and was trying to contact his owners, but the phone number was disconnected. We were able to provide the owners’ email address.

Today, Noel tells us she finally reached Tux’s owners, only to find they’ve moved out of the country. And since Noel already has five cats of her own, she’s hoping someone would like to adopt Tux.

Tux is the sweetest cat in the world. He’s just a huge, happy, self-sufficient kitty who wants a meal twice a day and some pets if you can spare them.

The previous owner says he’s around 7 years old and up on all of his shots, perfectly healthy and so loving. Even though he’s quite large (He’s kinda built more like a pit bull then a cat) he’ll almost knock you over with kitty head-bump hugs.

I think the ideal home for Tux would be one where he can be an indoor/outdoor cat. He gets along fine with other cats, loves to be outside, asks for food twice a day and gives big hugs. He’s infinitely entertaining in how he high-steps around the garden, rolling around on the sidewalk to scratch his back and standing with one paw tucked under his chest while he asks for pets.


If you’re interested in adopting Tux, please email Noel.