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Cancer Lifeline hosting reception tonight for collage art show

Cancer Lifeline, at 6522 Fremont Ave. N. in Phinney Ridge, is hosting a reception from 6-8 tonight for its new collage art show, featuring more than 70 pieces, each inspired by a poem written by a woman with cancer. The show is co-sponsored by the Northwest Collage Society, and runs through June 24.

Some two dozen women currently participate in Cancer Lifeline’s writing groups, which are offered along with dozens of other free classes and programs for people living with cancer and those who love them.

“Writing has been proven to have a healing effect on people who are experiencing trauma. And when you share your writing with others who are experiencing the same emotions, you build a sense of community and peace,” says Basha Brownstein, Community Program Manager at Cancer Lifeline.

ThisMagicOf Hers-painting-resized

This Magic of Hers
She is a woman who walks the hills
She is a woman who dances all the night away in these hills
She is a woman with ice in her fur and a tattoo on her butt
She is a woman who sings with the moon and howls
with the first rays of the rising sun
She is a woman with claws
She is a gentle woman
She is a woman of lullabies and longs to hear one sung to her
She is a woman who sings in caves emerging only
when an echo returns her song
She is a woman who drinks from the stream
Wild animals come to drink beside her
She tells them tales and she remembers theirs
What is this magic of hers?
It’s in her blood, it’s in the stars.
~ Rita Bresnahan and Valerie Rose