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Neighborhood news roundup

Lots of little tidbits from around the neighborhood:
Dozens of neighborhood kids were at the Phinney Center this morning, decorating clay pots and filling them with pansies as a gift to state legislators to encourage them to support early learning programs. The event was organized by MomsRising.

Why? To remind all legislators that affordable, quality child care helps our own little “seedlings” grow and blossom. A strong early education foundation sets kids up for future success… The flowers will be delivered to each legislator in Olympia for Legislators to keep and serve as a daily desktop reminder that both kids and flowers need high-quality care to flourish.

Childish Things, 10002 Holman Road NW, is collecting diapers for Westside Baby. The organization is especially in need of newborn and size 1 diapers. Bring diapers to Childish Things any time this month and they’ll match your donation (even opened packages are fine).
BECU’s new ad campaign, called “Share,” has several scenes shot at Woodland Park Zoo in Phinney Ridge. Here’s BECU member Andre L. (red jacket) getting ready to shoot his scene at the Otter/Bear exhibit.
BECU ad-Woodland Park Zoo Andre L-resized
The folks at Home Espresso Repair on the corner of 65th and Phinney were pleasantly surprised to find someone painted a sign on the nearby concrete wall. “Thank you! We love it!” they said.
Home Espresso Repair sign-resized
Greenwood resident Anthony Rosenthall, a student at Daniel Bagley Elementary by Green Lake, has been cast in Pacific Northwest Ballet’s upcoming “Swan Lake.” Rosenthal will play the role of a page. “Swan Lake” runs April 12-21 at McCaw Hall.
The production company Good Clean Fun is looking for local stay-at-home dads for a new documentary series. If you’re interested, contact Ariel Dunbar at 310-482-3535, ext. 211 or [email protected].
Georgian ensemble Zedashe performs ancient polyphonic chants, folk songs and dances from the Republic of Georgia Wednesday night at Q Café in Interbay, and they’ll be holding a vocal workshop from 7:15-9:15 p.m. Thursday at the Phinney Neighborhood Center, 6532 Phinney Ave. N., in the Brick Building. Cost for the workshop is $15. To register, email [email protected].
Georgian music group-resized
The members of Zedashe are teachers to local Georgian folk choir “onefourfive,” which got its start from the Phinney Neighborhood Community Chorus.

The Zedashe Ensemble is based in the medieval fortress city of Sighnaghi, Eastern Georgia, which has been home to the Kiziqian wine growers and warriors since ancient times. Directed by Ketevan Mindorashvili, the current incarnation of the ensemble was founded in the mid 1990s to sing repertoire largely lost during the Communist era. Their repertoire consists of ancient three-part harmony chants from the Orthodox Christian liturgy, folk songs from the Kiziqian region as collected from village song-masters and old publications, and folk dances from the region.
The Zedashe Ensemble also sings repertoire from other regions in Georgia, particularly the high North-Eastern mountain province of Svaneti, where time seems to stand still and the traditional, non-tempered tunings of the old Georgians remain alive in current practice. Folk song genres include field-songs, love songs, historical ballads, war dance songs, and ritual circle dances, and are accompanied by the chunir (Svan lute), panduri (Kiziq lute), chonguri (Gurian lute), doli (drum), chiboni (goat-skin bagpipes), and accordion.