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Police search for burglary suspect in Phinney Ridge early Tuesday morning

Several readers contacted us to report a big police presence and searchlights in Phinney Ridge early Tuesday morning.
Det. Mark Jamieson of the Seattle Police Department tells me police were searching for a burglary suspect after the construction site at 7009 Greenwood Ave. N. (site of the old Oroweat Bakery) was burglarized.
Old Oroweat site-4-4-13-resized
Det. Jamieson said the site’s alarm company had surveillance video of someone inside the fenced area around 2:15 a.m. Tuesday. Officers arrived and set up a K-9 unit track that lasted about half an hour, and extended east down the hill towards Dayton Avenue North.
At one point officers saw a man who took off running into an alley between North 71st and 73rd streets. Officers were unable to locate the suspect, but they did find evidence at the construction site, including a backpack.
Det. Jamieson said it’s unclear what the burglar might have been trying to steal, and the site’s owner didn’t immediately find anything missing.