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Taproot Theatre expansion day two – almost done

Method Prefab began delivering the first of Taproot Theatre‘s 21 modules yesterday for its expansion in downtown Greenwood. Originally scheduled to take three days to place all those modules, Taproot Marketing Director Nikki Visel told me this morning they’re on track to be finished by this afternoon.

Crews get the administrative offices module ready for lifting just after 10 this morning, while Taproot Producing Artistic Director Scott Nolte gives an interview.


Then it’s slowly hoisted off the flatbed truck.


The crane swings it over towards its new home.


It’s almost in position.


Less than five minutes after being hoisted off the flatbed, the office module is in place.


This is what the new building looks like from the front, as of 11 a.m.


Each module has windows, doors and molding already in place, and the bathroom and kitchen modules already have plumbing, tile, sinks, toilets, etc.

It will take about six weeks to finish joining all the modules, then a couple of months of finish work inside. Visel says Taproot plans a big community celebration when the new building opens sometime in August.