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Crane lifting Taproot Theatre modular components into place today

The first set of modular components of Taproot Theatre‘s expansion are being set in place today in downtown Greenwood.


Here’s that same box being carefully lined up with the piece below.


Three more pieces were waiting on Palatine Avenue near the corner of North 87th Street at 1:30 this afternoon. The one on the right says “Roof Deck.”


And three more were around the corner on 87th.


And here the crews get the hoist ready to lift another piece into place.


The rest of the 21 modules will be delivered Tuesday and Wednesday. It will take construction crews about six weeks to fully join the pieces together. The new building (housing a second theater, scene shop, dressing room, offices and a cafe) is expected to be open sometime in August.

The building replaces the empty lot left after the 2009 arson destroyed the Eleanor Roosevelt building, which housed four restaurants.