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PhinneyWood resident showcases small container garden at NW Flower & Garden Show

Phinney-Greenwood resident Suzanne Phillips, who owns Tea Leaf Gardens, is part of the Small Space Showcase at the NW Flower & Garden Show at the Washington State Convention Center.
Phillips’ display is called Dragonfly, and is a Japanese influenced garden, meant to be “healing and refreshing.”

My idea is that nature has potential to heal us and we have the potential to heal nature as we live in balance with it. Dragonfly is a symbol of the potential for transformation & renewal as it’s not the only insect which transforms from larvae to flying insect. It also is the subject of a book, The Dragonfly Door, which is a book that discusses loss and change for children, particularly when a classmate dies. There are several dragonflies (9) scattered around my garden.

Photo courtesy of Suzanne Phillips.