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Crime, and possible attempted crime, in the neighborhood

PhinneyWood readers have reported several instances of crime, and one of possible crime, in the neighborhood recently.

Kyle says a man came to his door last week and offered his wife free steaks after telling her that a neighbor ordered steaks from him. She declined, and the couple decided to call police after the man left.

The police said that if anything like this happens, don’t let them in the house and call the police immediately. That the man is known to them and once invited in the house he cases it for valuables. He was in a white ford van and sat in front of the house for about ten minutes after knocking on the door. The police said they would search the neighborhood for the van…”

Charise tells us there’s been an increase in mail theft on NW 90th Street lately.

Last week, our mail was stolen while we were away for the holidays. I suspected as much when we returned as I was expecting something that was missing, but this was confirmed when I found a Christmas card addressed to me, ripped open and left in the street a block east of my house. Since then, we have replaced our mailbox with a locking version. However, this morning we awoke to our block again strewn with the pilfered mail of our neighbors.

I encourage everyone to be on the lookout for suspicious mailbox behaviors in the Greenwood area, and to be sure to remove all mail from the mailbox before nightfall if you don’t have a locking mailbox.

And Andrew says his neighbor’s house was broken into last Friday afternoon on the east side of Phinney Ridge, near North 74th Street and Dayton Avenue North.

They put a brick through the window and stole a new laptop, thankfully no one was home. My wife and a couple other neighbors saw a strange man around walking down our alley yesterday evening around the time of the break in. He was wearing a safety vest like you see construction folks wearing.